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What We’re Loving Lately… here’s a roundup of our current favs!

Check out what’s been making us happy lately! Each of us dish on our current obsessions, from hangouts to binge-worthy Netflix picks. We’re sharing a few recent favorites!



Favorite Local Hangout: I love the Tiki Bar in Carolina Beach! They always have consistently good cocktails and my favorite is the coconut monk. It’s light, refreshing and not too sweet! The views are spectacular, of course, as you are right on the water! Their menu is limited and fairly basic, but it is always good, whatever I get when I do decide to grab a bite! They also do live music during the summertime, which adds a sweet element to the already fabulous coastal vibe. On Thursday nights in the summertime, it’s fun to go sit out under their pier, where many locals gather, listen to the live band, and watch the fireworks!

Current Home Décor Obsession: Literally Rattan everything… I love the rattan and wood looks! It’s so coastal and earthy; you can mix and match it with many colors. It also feels bright and airy and gives texture to a room and a contrast to any color. I recently bought some rattan round chairs for my patio, and I love them with a thick white cushion.

Must-Read Book: Colleen Hoover. If you know me, you know I enjoy reading, but I don’t always have the time for it. When I decide to try a new book, I always do my due diligence to make sure it’s going to be worth my time. Every time I read a Colleen Hoover book, I can’t put it down! I end up binge reading them—lol! Verity has been my favorite.

Favorite Local Park or Outdoor Spot: Carolina Beach State Park! The sunsets there are beautiful. It’s right on the Cape Fear River so you can see for miles over the water. They have some great hiking trails accompanied by nice scenery and some fun plants. Gotta check out the venus fly traps as they are the only place in the world where they grow native!

Favorite Podcast: I have a toss-up here that I can’t pick from! So top 3: 1) Jenna Kutcher- Gold Digger Podcast for my self-development and inspirational fix. I listen to her on the regular. 2) The Tom Ferry Experience for all my real estate need and info to make sure I am staying up to date on all the newest trends and marketing. 3) The Morning Brew Podcast- this is my daily news that is all things current events, news and often a laugh. I find it to be very informative, well rounded and not leaning one way or another politically so it’s very easy and entertaining to listen to.

Current Netflix Binge: I’m a reality show girl… I love it all! Currently binging Selling the OC. I just finished Selling Beverly Hills and I am a sucker for love is blind! I can never just sit and watch TV as I am usually doing something else and have the show on in the background so this gives me some enjoyment without needing to stay super engaged in the show to know what’s going on.


New Home Gadget: Well.. after 2 long months of waiting, I am finally getting my hot tub! This has been something I grew up asking my parents for and always wanted, and I never had the opportunity to have one. I am finally in the perfect home and financially ready to make this purchase as something I have always wanted and I am so excited! And just in time for the summer season!

Favorite Local Event: Thursday night fireworks at the boardwalk in CB! There is just something so special about grabbing an ice cream cone, hitting the CB boardwalk, and listening to the live band as they countdown for the 9:00 firework show! It’s so summery and vibey and so fun!!

Current Workout Routine: I am literally so ashamed that at this point in my life my workout routine is about as occurring as the most recent eclipse… Something I am working on, but as I am still balancing out this mom life, it has been put so far on the back burner. I do still try to at least move my body and I love walking on the Island Greenway in Carolina Beach and try to do that multiple times a week with my Sweet P.

Top Travel Destination: My number one bucket list item is Italy! All I want to do is eat and drink my way through the towns and take some cooking classes—especially a pasta-making class! I would be one happy gal if I could couple this trip with a swing through Greece for some total R&R waterside.

Favorite Local Restaurant: Right now, I’m going to go with Bluewater Grill in Wrightsville Beach. My mind always changes about this topic because Wilmington truly has a fabulous food scene! But for the summer season, I love being able to take the boat and dock up on a Sunday afternoon, grab a little mimosa, some oysters, and a nice lunch with a view, and causally drift on home. Their food is good, the service has always been good, and the dockage is such a great touch. Honorable mentions for me are Indochine, Freddies Italian, Lake Park Steakhouse, and Oceanic.

New Skill or Hobby: As one of my goal board items for 2024 is to discover a new hobby that I enjoy and make time for, one of my recent discoveries is pottery! I love working with my hands, being in my own element, and just doing. My most recent creation was supposed to be a mug that turned out to be a bowl, but we are rolling with it, and it was fun to make! I did this at Bookwork Pottery in downtown Wilmington, and they often have drop-in classes of all different types!

Top 3 Songs on Your Current Playlist: M.I.A – The Elovaters, Good Vibes – Rebelution, Take Me To The Ocean – The Movement

Favorite Home-cooked Meal: PASTA! I enjoy making my own pasta dough and noodles, a fresh and light sauce with tons of parmesan cheese… mmm! I usually try to do this every couple of months as it is something I enjoy doing and of course eating!

Latest DIY Project: Alright, so I have the blackest thumb you have ever seen. I cannot keep anything alive! So I recently made my own faux fern hanging baskets and they don’t look so bad! I love building things, so I enjoyed being creative with this project while bringing some life to my front porch.

Current Inspirational Quote or Mantra: Everything is figure-outable.

Black and White Minimalist New Collection Social Media Mockup Instagram Post 1080 x 1080


Favorite Local Hangout: I have been a big fan of the Vault Coffee in Carolina Beach! Over the past couple of weeks, I have had meetings with new buyers, sellers, builders and even got my caffeine fix on the go and love their options! 

Current Home Décor Obsession: My current home decor obsession is using wood paneling to create a contrast in textures in a home, or even to highlight a specific area of a property, such as an entry wall. We recently used this decor trend in our downtown condo renovation with light wood planks and it was combination of modern and coastal! We have received so many compliments! 

Favorite Local Park or Outdoor Spot: My favorite outdoor spot is Freeman Park on the north end of Carolina Beach! As a dog mom to two high energy pups, this section of the beach is perfect for them between being more secluded and the more lenient off leash rules! During the off season, we spend almost every evening after dinner here watching them play in the ocean! 

Favorite Podcast: I am a big fan of the Bigger Pockets Podcast! As a local investor, my husband and I are always looking for the latest tips and tricks to help us grow our business and also maximize our tax savings! 

Current Netflix Binge: Selling the OC! While I think we can all agree, this show is not actually how real estate agents are or the industry is, it is incredibly entertaining and nice to watch something that “somewhat” correlates with our day to day job! 

New Home Gadget: I am not sure if this would be considered a ‘home’ gadget, but everyone knows that I am in love with my walking treadmill! I have an adjustable desk with a treadmill underneath that allows me to get my steps in while doing admin work and who doesn’t love multi-tasking? 

Favorite Local Event: I am most excited for the upcoming Surf Dog Experience at the Carolina Beach Pier! This event is hosted by Kona Brewing Co. with half of the proceeds from the sale going to support Freedom Bridge Animal Rescue NC! 

Current Workout Routine: I am absolutely obsessed with health and fitness and I have been working out at F45 ever since I moved to Wilmington three years ago! I love the studio because the workouts are a great mix of strength, resistance and cardio and the coaches are so motivating and positive! 

Top Travel Destination: My husband, Jordan and I have been dreaming about visiting the Amalfi Coast of Italy at some point in the next few years! My maiden name is actually, Maiella, which is a mountain in Italy, so I have always wanted to visit! 

Favorite Local Restaurant: My favorite local restaurant is Circa 1922! This one is a tried and true favorite and our go to date night spot. We love the fact that the menu is tapas style and you can get a bunch of different options to try and share! 

New Skill or Hobby: I have recently taken up running! I have always been a strength focused person when choosing my workouts and always avoided running. However, recently, I have started to really enjoy the hills and interval run options with my Peloton treadmill. I actually ran the furthest I ever have this year, hitting 5 miles! 

Favorite Home-cooked Meal: Anyone who knows me knows that my husband is the cook of the house! We call him ‘Jordan Ramsay’ because of his love for food and cooking! My favorite home-cooked meal that he makes is Parmesan-crusted chicken and Arugula Salad! It tastes so fresh while also being savory! 

Current Inspirational Quote or Mantra: “Her work ethic knows no limits, her determination knows no bounds. She forges ahead, a beacon of inspiration, blazing trails of success with every step.”



Favorite Local Hangout: My favorite local hangout is probably Dockside or the Cargo District, depending on if I want to be at the beach or downtown! Both are great laid-back spots to meet your friends at! Dockside is on the Intracoastal of Wrightsville Beach with amazing drinks, and there are great restaurants nearby. The Cargo District is another great spot to meet friends bc it has coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and shops! You can meet friends for drinks and if youre all craving different food there’s a variety to choose from!

Current Home Décor Obsession: Anything neutral! I am not a huge color person—even my wardrobe is mostly neutral! But I love natural wood, rattan/wicker textures, dried palm leaves and pampas, and beachy and boho wall art! I do a lot of creams, beiges, and grays but have been adding darker wood or black for contrast lately! I also love vintage ceramic vases, aloe and cactus plants, and white candles!

Must-Read Book: Sadly, I don’t read as much as I should, but I am not really a fiction book lover. I love all my self-help and business books! So I would say must-reads are The Secret, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Atomic Habits, and Rich Dad Poor Dad!

Favorite Local Park or Outdoor Spot: Love, love, love Airlie Gardens and South End at Wrightsville! Airlie Gardens is so peaceful and has so much to see! And South End is just the south end of the island at Wrightsville when you want to just sit by the water and relax! 

Favorite Podcast : I love listening to podcasts! From Tom Ferry podcast and Goal Digger for all my real estate & business essentials…then Skinny Confidential, Wellness Her Way, Transform, & Pursuit of Wellness for all health, wellness, and everyday listens! 

Current Netflix Binge: 

Grey’s Anatomy is an oldie that I just have never watched, so I am currently head-deep in that! But I also love my reality TV…from Summer House, Southern Charm, Selling Sunsets, & Selling Beverly Hills! Also, I do love my HGTV! 


New Home Gadget: 

This isn’t new but I love my dyson vacuum, I just love that it’s wireless and it just gets the job done! The home gadget I really have been wanting is the Hatch alarm! 

Favorite Local Event: 

Ooo favorite local event would have to be Azalea Fest or Lighthouse Beer & Wine Festival! I have been going to Azalea Festival since I moved here in 2015, it’s about a week long and just has so much to do to kick off spring….garden party, concerts, street fair, & more! Lighthouse Beer & Wine Festival I also have been going to for the past 5 years, it’s such a fun event during the fall to try different local craft beer along the Cape Fear River downtown with some friends!

Current Workout Routine: 

My workout routine consists of going to the gym 4x a week in the morning around 6:30am for strength training! I also go to pilates at Redefined studio about once a week, I just started that and absolutely love it there! I also do walk the loop at Wrightsville Beach 3-4x a week as well in the evening to unwind for the day!

Top Travel Destination: 

Okay so I have always had 3 top travel destinations…Hawaii, Australia, & Italy! I am a coastal girly and just love nothing more to the beach so that is why I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and Australia because they’re just huge islands…I also use to always dream of living in one of them! As far as Italy goes…I am Italian so I would love to learn more about the culture there, have yummy Italian food, and also see their beautiful beaches!

Favorite Local Restaurant: 

If you know me you know my favorite local restaurant is Ceviches hand down! First off they’re right before the bridge of Wrightsville Beach, which is my favorite local beach. Also their food is just to die for! I love tapa style and they offer so many different tapas, as well as large plates if you want! My favorite dishes there are the corvina ceviche, carne empanadas, coconut shrimp, poke bowl, and to top it off there Sea Love margarita! 

New Skill or Hobby:

The newest hobby I picked up is pilates and I love it! It’s a great workout and it’s a great healthy activity to do with friends! I also do want to start gardening more and also take some pottery classes!

Top 3 Songs on Your Current Playlist: 

Say Yes to Heaven – Lana Del Ray

Sweet- Hozier

Dark Red- Steve Lacy

Favorite Home-cooked Meal: 

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do! I love trying new recipes and I cook dinner everynight! But my favorite meals to cook are salmon teriyaki bowls, steak & shrimp skewers, homemade vodka sauce and chicken cutlets, or chicken taco bowls!

Latest DIY Project: 

I haven’t done any lately, but in the past I really enjoyed refurbishing furniture from sanding, painting, and giving them a new look! I also want to try making oyster shell candles!

Current Inspirational Quote or Mantra

“Work until you no longer need to introduce yourself”



Favorite Local Hangout: Its almost summer time, so my favorite place to be is the beach! 

Current Home Decor Obsession: I am loving the minimalist style… less is more… and less you have to clean! 

Must-Read Book: I haven’t read a book since college so I honestly can’t answer this. Lol. 

Favorite Podcast: Goal Digger Podcast – They always have great guests on there and it’s so motivating and relevant to building a business.

Current Netflix Binge: Bridgerton! 

New Home Gadget: Espresso machine!

Favorite Local Event: Lewis Farm Strawberry Festival! 

Current Workout Routine: … Everyone knows I do not work out lol…. But if I have to say something I love walking and pushing the stroller through all the neighborhoods in Carolina Beach! 

Top Travel Destination: My family and I were just in Marathon FL and it was an awesome experience! We rented a boat and spent the majority of our time on the water.

Favorite Local Restaurant: Freddies in Kure Beach. I think its the best italian food in the area and they give you a lot of food!

New Skill or Hobby: Paddleboarding 

Top 3 Songs on Your Current Playlist: LOL I listen to music… like lil wayne. 

Favorite Home-cooked Meal: Smoked pot roast

Latest DIY Project: Garden beds in the backyard. My husband and I are determined to have an awesome garden this year!

Current Inspirational Quote or Mantra:  Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue the counts.   — Life has so many ebbs and flows, and it’s important to keep going. 



Favorite Local Hangout: Bigger’s Market – especially on the weekends. We went with friends this past weekend and it’s the best! They have a local musician playing, you grab a beer at their backyard bar, let the kids just chill! And they just opened the “kitchen” with made to order food and ice cream for an all-inclusive hangout experience. 

Current Home Décor Obsession: Candles, especially aesthetic ones – I may never even burn them but they just make me happy. 

Must-Read Book: I don’t have a must-read off the top of my head, but I just got back into reading cheesy Rom-Coms so that’s been fun to find my love of reading again! #motherhood 

Favorite Local Park or Outdoor Spot: Wrightsville Beach Park. 

Favorite Podcast : Mine 😉 but other than my own, really I love listening to self-growth podcasts like Jenna Kutcher and Mel Robbins.

Current Netflix Binge: Gilmore Girls – always. It’s my comfort show, so even when I’m binging something new, I always go back to old faithful.

New Home Gadget: Oh gosh – not new, but my favorite gadget is and always will be my KitchenAid mixer. Baking is my favorite pastime!

Favorite Local Event: The One Tree Hill events! Getting to volunteer at these events and work alongside the cast on this show that I loved growing up has been so special and surreal. I’m always so grateful to be a part of it.

Current Workout Routine: Walking the Loop! It’s beautiful out this time of year, so I try to stay active while walking around Wrightsville Beach.

Top Travel Destination: Currently planning a European tour! Ever since I was little I’ve been dreaming of Europe. This year that will [hopefully] come true! We’re planning to make it to at least Copenhagen, Vienna, Prague, Munich, and Paris during Christmas time to see all the Christmas markets which is literally the absolute dream. 

Favorite Local Restaurant: We don’t get to eat out at a restaurant frequently (unless it’s a quick trip with the kids to Boombalatti’s) but we LOVE K38/Tower 7. Their fajita quesadilla is my fave!

New Skill or Hobby: I don’t have a new skill YET but I’m really hoping to learn pickleball this year!

Top 3 Songs on Your Current Playlist: My playlist ranges every genre, and it really depends on the day/my mood lol so it could go from country one day to 2000s punk/hard rock the next. Anything goes!

Favorite Home-cooked Meal: My favorite home-cooked meal is lasagna. It’s always been a comfort meal for me, and I love that when I make it – it’s for an army – so we have leftovers for days! 

Latest DIY Project: Currently planning a kitchen renovation! I wouldn’t call it DIY this time, even though I love to knock out a project myself.

Current Inspirational Quote or Mantra: I always go back to this, but one of my favorite inspirational mantras is “God won’t give me anything I can’t handle”. I have it tattooed as a reminder for hard times, and it always gets me through. My family knows (and my kids say it now too) when I need a boost of motivation I say, “I can do it” and then they say back, “Yes you can”.