Real Estate Investors: Your Guide Toward Building Your Portfolio by the Beach! 

Are you looking to take the first step toward building your investment portfolio?

As an agent who not only lives locally but also invests in Wilmington and along the coast, I have the inside scoop on how to help you acquire, manage and capitalize on your real estate investments

Whether this is your first investment or an addition to an already expansive portfolio, Wilmington has and continues to be an ideal location for investors looking to capitalize on incoming producing properties with high levels of appreciation. With its tourist sector, consistent economic growth, and increasing population, the coast offers opportunities to those interested in exploring both the short-term and long-term rental markets. 

Investing: How to Get Started 

Did you know the process of obtaining financing for an investment property can be much different than a primary residence?

There are many different loan options that you can explore with varying loan terms and lengths, down payment requirements, and associated interest rates. It is important to evaluate each of these programs carefully, to determine which is the best for you and your investment goals.

You can rest assured that I have the contacts and resources in place to help guide you through finalizing your financing so we can start looking at homes!  

Property Leasing: Determining Short-Term, Mid-Term or Long-Term

When making the decision to invest in real estate, there are many factors to consider before selecting the right property. One of those considerations is whether you want the property to be rented out in the short term (ex: 1 day to 4 weeks), mid-term (1 to 3 months), or long-term (3 to 12+ months). Each type of rental comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As an example, while a shorter-term rental arrangement may be more profitable to an investor, it can require a lot more time and work from the homeowner to coordinate the higher volume of renters and more frequent turnovers. 

Finding the Right Location

As someone who has invested locally, and also helped countless investors through the process, I have identified the neighborhoods that not only permit rentals but that are known for the income that they can produce in each of the rental markets; short-term, mid-term, and long-term. The location of Wilmington and its surrounding areas offers opportunities for all three types of rentals with short-term rentals by the beaches, mid-term rentals near local hospitals for traveling nurses, and long-term rentals appealing to college students living off campus, young professionals, and families. Search based on the property type that makes the most sense for you.

Expert Negotiation and Advocacy

When it comes to investment properties, it all comes down to one thing; the numbers. When you begin the process of searching for an investment, we will sit down to identify your financial goals for the purchase to ensure that these specific requirements and considerations are taken into account during every step of the process. 

Through my expertise and negotiation skills, I will make sure that you are in the best position possible to hit the goals that you have set for the property while staying within your budget.

Here are some investment properties at the most common price points: Under $300K, $400K-$500K and over $500K.




If you have given any thought to investing, I would love to sit down with you to discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them! 

Contact me today to schedule a quick and nopressure consultation! Together, we can explore the options available to you, connect you with lenders who can guide you through financing, and create a tailored plan to turn your dreams into a reality. 

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