Outshine the Competition with our bespoke Real Estate Marketing

Explore how we think about market differentiation for our clients.


How We Stay Ahead for you

No copy and paste. No cookie cutter formulas here. As real estate agents, we strive to differentiate ourselves in the Wilmington market, and we’ll do the same for you.

We’re your personalized real estate strategists. We’ll position you uniquely and optimally as a buyer, and as a seller, we’ll ensure your home is priced properly to sell for top dollar and marketed to the ideal buyer for maximum visibility.

Our real estate marketing savvy, tailored strategies, strong online presence, and multi-channel reach guarantee that you stand out in the competitive market!

Real Estate Marketing approach

Explore How We Think About Market Differentiation

At The Gillespie Group, we believe in tailored strategies that reflect your unique attributes and the dynamic nature of our Wilmington real estate market.

For us, market differentiation is the greatest value we can provide to you. Market differentiation is about determining what is unique about you or your property that has the potential to stand out and capture attention in our market. We believe market differentiation gives our clients a competitive advantage during offer submission, increases the perceived value of our property listings, and, most importantly, allows us to focus our marketing, advertising and negotiation efforts around the uniqueness of you.

1801 Canal Drive D11 Carolina Beach, NC 28428 Lookbook
Realtor Danielle Gillespie Wilmington NC

What’s Your Differentiation?

We identify and highlight the unique selling points of you as a buyer or your property when selling, ensuring you can outshine the competition.

You are not a transaction to us — you represent a unique opportunity we have to demonstrate our tailored real estate marketing strategy and white-glove approach to help you achieve your real estate goals easily and confidently.


Everything we do is One-Of-A-Kind

Our real estate marketing approach includes one-of-a-kind listing lookbooks.

Click on the listing lookbooks to see how we make every property we list…outshine the competition.

1801 Canal Drive D11 Carolina Beach, NC 28428 Lookbook
5127 Long Pointe Road Wilmington NC 28409
134 Settlers Lane Kure Beach NC 28449
Copy of 1200 Saint Joseph St. Unit 7 Carolina Beach NC 28428
725 Fort Fisher Boulevard N Kure Beach NC 28449
5206 Lone Eagle Court Wilmington NC 28409
1516 Bonito Lane Unit 1 Carolina Beach NC 28428 4
Cover 7
20 12 S Front Street 1 Wilmington NC 28401 1
432 Island End Court Wilmington NC 28412 1

The Gillespie Group Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Customized and Tailored Experience

We design a tailored strategy to meet your unique needs and preferences. Your experience with us is personalized, driven by data, to maximize market exposure for you.

Aggressive Social Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool in our marketing arsenal. Our team prioritizes having a strong social media presence as it gives us exposure and access to a broader audience than our less tech-savvy competitors. We employ aggressive strategies to find off-market properties for our buyers and ensure our sellers’ properties gets noticed.

Multi-Channel Distribution by Team and Each Individual Agent

We utilize a multi-channel approach to marketing your property both online and offline. Our distribution channels include our website, SEO, social, email, video, print, events and online advertising. Each team member plays a crucial role in amplifying your needs as a buyer and your listing’s reach as a seller.

Full-Time Local Search Marketer

Unlike many other agents in town, a Gillespie Group agent does not prep to list your home alone. Our team employs a full-time Local Search Marketer who will build the marketing assets for your home to gain search visibility online.

Real Estate Listing Lookbooks

Our team creates stunning, one-of-a-kind lookbooks that showcase your property in the best light, highlighting its features and appealing to prospective buyers’ emotions.

Collaborative Open Houses

Our open houses are designed to attract the ideal buyer. Our team collaborates to not only promote your listing but also to create an invitation that showcases your property’s best features for the ideal buyer.

Consistent Marketing & Advertising

Consistency is key. Our marketing and advertising efforts are relentless and ongoing to remain top of mind, ensuring we can deliver the most favorable outcome for you.

Choose The Gillespie Group

By choosing The Gillespie Group, you’re choosing a bespoke marketing approach that guarantees you get the attention you deserve, all while providing a personalized and exceptional real estate experience.