The Gillespie Difference

Discover just how far we’ll go to welcome you home.

We’re warm, like our beaches.

The Gillespie Difference is our way of demonstrating just how important we believe a warm welcome is when coming into a new town, a new community, and a new home. The Gillespie Difference is our way of showing you just how far we will go to welcome you home.

Our clients say “we’re warmlike our beaches. We say we simply take a client-focused approach and will do more for you.

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Rolling Out The Welcome Mat for You

With us, you’ll experience an invaluable mix of passion and professionalism. We know firsthand that you could work with many other agents in Wilmington so your decision to work with the Gillespie Group comes with our commitment that we will roll out the welcome mat for you.

The Gillespie Difference

Discover exactly what rolling out the welcome mat means for you.

Better Than the Average Support

We are not a 2-3 deals-a-year type of team. We collectively closed 117 last year. (This is not your Aunt Sally and this isn’t our side hustle. But, we do hustle!) We are all full-time agents. This is our primary profession and we are available with prompt and better than the average support. We put a lot of thought into the smallest details to help you realize your goals. That’s why we say we are your “service plus” agents.

We're the who, what, when, where and why agents you've been looking for.

Gillespie Group goes beyond pulling comps and setting up showings. We gather intel like journalists until we have the facts about a property’s value but also a great picture of the buyer or seller. Who is buying houses in this price range? What are they putting down? What’s the seller’s motivation? Where are they coming from? When are they moving? And, why?? We’ll data gather like the best putting our curiosity, problem-solving, and research skills to the test – to share accurate property and deal information so that you can make the most informed real estate decision.

We Stay Trendy

We are knowledge seekers and we invest in our education. We have mentors and are coached by our industry’s best (thank you Tom Ferry!) which help to keep us up to date on both national and local market trends like a hip housing agent should. We bring this to you with an always-evolving and modern approach to buying and selling property.

Our Ears Be Buzzin'

Our curiosity makes us tick and you’ll benefit from how close we stay to the market and how connected we are to the community. (Off-market deals are heard when you’ve got your ears in the streets! We have done countless off-market deals thanks to our close connections and positive reputation in the community.)

Waving Goodbye to the Competition

Our creativity is second to none. We use best-in-class marketing strategies to differentiate our clients’ properties and ourselves. Our train is always 10 stops ahead on the track. When others start to hop on, it’s time for us to hop off. We’ve gotten good at goodbyes 👋🏻.

Save Googling for Another Day

So many of our clients express difficulty navigating the market not to mention the stress of buying and selling. So listen, there’s no silly question. Save your Googling for another day, just ask us and we’ll educate you along the way with Real Estate 101 or 401.

We know your next BFF!

Gillespie Group has a large and growing network with resources to connect and welcome you into our Wilmington community and its sub-communities. We’ve forged strong relationships to ease the transition for you. (Need an introduction to the X, we got you!) If you are relocating to the area, we have local ambassadors that we’ll introduce you to. We’re your community matchmakers and with us, you’ll have more than one new BFF!

We're quicker than a hiccup!

While Gillespie Group takes time and interest in getting to know you as an individual and understanding your preferences, we’re also as fast as they come. Need to shorten the house hunt and have us locate properties just right for you? We can preview homes in advance. Out of town and want a virtual showing? Yup, we’ve got you covered there too!

Off-Market Diamonds and The Hidden Gems

Once we know your home preferences and a list of Must Haves, we are on the hunt. If you cannot seem to find a home that checks the boxes on the MLS, we’ll blast to our network the type of home you are looking for. Not on the market (No worries!) we will initiate conversations with property owners that fit your criteria. Remember there are those homeowners that for the right price might just entertain your offer, creating a win-win.

A broker's broker.

We talk and network with other brokers all.the.time. How’s that benefit you? It means we will always seek to understand from the broker on the other side of the deal what’s important. We will find a way of getting a deal done that suits all parties and we will work to fulfill your goals with the most favorable outcome.

No Sugar, Straight Talk

We’ve got a no-sugar-added policy over here, y’all. Saying it how it is, being objective and candid is our agent style. We pride ourselves on communicating clearly and honestly without ever sugarcoating the truth. We share with transparency so you always know where we are at in the transaction.

We keep our eyes on the road.

Ever heard the saying “I could do this with my eyes closed!” At Gillespie Group, we keep our eyes on the road, foot on the pedal, and hands on the wheel to make sure our clients feel comfortable with the current events in their deal and proactively communicate with lenders, insurance agents, and anyone else that is needed to keep your transaction process moving forward -> and smooth.

Your Local Real Estate Advisory in Wilmington

Service doesn’t end when you get to closing our promise is to stay in touch with you! As you enter new chapters of life, Gillespie Group will be here to provide property valuations, market analysis, and general strategic guidance and advice to help you navigate this market. Our doors will always remain open as your real estate advisory for Wilmington.

Service Plus Agents

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Consider what service you’d generally expect from your local real estate agent and triple it. That’s us. We deliver way beyond your expectations. We like to call ourselves “Service Plus” agents.

A Real Estate Agent

Here’s the service you’d generally expect from a real estate agent.

  1. You find a house.
  2. They schedule a showing.
  3. You inform the agent you want to put in an offer.
  4. They put in the offer.
  5. You perform the necessary due diligence.
  6. You go to closing.


A Service Plus Real Estate Agent

Here’s how a “Service Plus” agent from the Gillespie Group will work with you.

  1. We provide the highest level of White Glove Service to you.
  2. We provide transparent and thorough communication.
  3. You’ll receive weekly updates so you always know where you are in the transaction.
  4. We provide transaction coordination and management. We will coordinate all appointments, inspections, closing, etc.
  5. We will provide professional Marketing and Advertising strategies.
  6. We will utilize Modern Marketing Technology including:
    1. Professional Photography
    2. Professional Videography
    3. Advertisements across all digital platforms
    4. Multi-channel online presence
    5. Print Advertising
  7. We provide skillful negotiation tactics that aim to achieve a favorable deal while advocating for your interests and maintaining a professional and respectful demeanor throughout the process.
  8. We will utilize every prior transaction’s experience we have had of generating results (100% of listings sold!) toward securing your own deal.
  9. With a large part of our business dealing with relocation, we can make your relocation experience smooth with our expertise.
  10. We will remain your advisory in Wilmington and will check in and provide support to you after the sale.
  11. You will receive our vetted list of Contractor + Handyman references.
  12. We can connect you with local businesses, schools, and charities.
  13. We utilize our constant market research locally and nationally to help you.
  14. We have established partnerships nationwide should you need a referral for a move outside our area.
  15. We strive to make other agents want to work with us. We maintain an excellent Local Reputation to give you the best chance for deal success.

The Gillespie Group will walk you through the process with fine detail from start to finish.

We will make sure you, our client, are educated from the moment you decide to buy or list with us so that you can make the most educated decision. We strive to help you leave the most money in your pocket while also positioning yourself to get a deal to the finish line.

Constant and thorough communication is key. We never want our clients to wonder what we are doing in the background or where we are at in the transaction. There will be timely updates and open availability for questions.

Marketing and advertising are our specialties! We pride ourselves on being among the best marketers here locally with our digital presence. There is nothing we won’t try and we are always training and learning about the latest trends, what’s working and not working and AB testing our material. Whether you are buying or selling, you’ll have access to all properties the moment they hit the market and your listing will have the maximum exposure it can have so that we can secure you the highest and best offer.

We are constantly interviewing tradespeople so that we are working with the best in the business and we have countless connections to help assist us in many different aspects of the real estate transaction. We pride ourselves on great transactions and have a positive reputation in the work field. We find this to be very helpful when negotiating and competing with other buyers and sellers.

And, this is what you can expect as a “Service Plus” agent from the Gillespie Group. We will deliver way beyond expectations for you.


We are quite literally obsessed with finding our clients the right property to feel at home and will give you “service plus” to make sure it happens!

Ready to meet us?

Let us introduce ourselves.

Gillespie Group Real Estate Danielle Gillespie

Danielle Gillespie

Optimistic, calm, experienced and perceptive

Danielle is one of the smartest and hardest-working real estate agents in the game. She is tenacious, pragmatic, and smart. As one of the top 300 real estate agents in Wilmington, she has quickly amassed a list of clientele that claim “she is their agent for life” and she’d love an opportunity to be yours.

Specialty Focus: Carolina Beach, Move-up Buyers, STRs.

Gillepsie Group Real Estate Sara Maiella

Sara Maiella

Tenacious, compassionate, proactive, trustworthy

Sara is a top-performing agent with Carolina One Properties and the Gillespie Group! She specializes in working with first-time home buyers, investors, and relocation clients. Sara has been recognized as a Rising Star with Cape Fear Real Producers, helping over 75 families throughout the buying and selling processes and ending 2023 with a total sold volume of over $17.9 million! 

Specialty Focus: First-time home buyers, seeking first-time home buyer down payment assistance programs; Short term and long-term investors; Relocation clients

Gillespie Group Real Estate Brittney Roseberry

Brittney Roseberry

Compassionate, persistent, goal-oriented
Looking for a real estate partner who’s not just about business, but also about building a meaningful relationship? That’s me! As your agent, I’ll listen, understand your unique needs, and work tirelessly to find you the perfect home. Let’s make this journey a fun and exciting adventure, not just a transaction!

Specialty Focus: First-time home buyers, and first-time investors

Gillespie Group Real Estate Celina Rini

Celina Rini

Diligent, selfless, ambitious, dependable

With a background of having a degree in Entrepreneurship and growing up with a family of real estate investors, I have developed a skill set in business strategy and negotiation skills that enables me to effectively navigate the ever-changing real estate market. As someone who’s truly passionate about real estate and social media marketing, I am committed to helping my clients achieve their goals with exceptional results.

Specialty Focus:  First-time home buyers, relocation clients, investors 

Gillespie Group Real Estate Alyssa Bleau

Alyssa Bleau

Motivated, communicative, considerate, knowledgeable

As a seasoned agent with 8 years of experience, I am always willing to go the extra mile to ensure my clients get the best possible outcome. Contact me if you’re looking for an agent who will put your needs first, provide exceptional service, and work tirelessly for you to achieve your goals!

Specialty Focus: 

Finding an agent with the competitive edge you need or desire can mean the difference between whether you do or don’t receive the most favorable outcome for yourself.

At The Ready…For You

When your dream property hits the MLS, choose to sit back and someone else might be getting up. Wait and you might just miss your chance. The market is always evolving and today’s best rate might be tomorrow’s pipe dream.

In real estate, your best asset is the agent that is going to prioritize and best position you against the comp to win the home, sell the home, and gain the investment.

Our agency is at the ready ….for you.

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