Your Go-To Expert on Wilmington Real Estate. Your Advocate for Carolina Beach, Move-Up Buyers, Relocation, and Short-Term Rentals!

Hi there! I’m Danielle Gillespie, a second generation Realtor, with years of experience, a Bachelors in Marketing and a Masters in Finance, I am an expert on Wilmington and ready to help strategically guide you through the entire process whether buying or selling.

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Leverage my real estate knowledge to make a difference for you

Being known for expertise has become my secret sauce for standing out amongst the competition. I take immense pride in being a go-to resource, equipping individuals with the information they need to make confident decisions. It’s my way of empowering you on your real estate journey.

Unleashing your competitive edge

Amidst the whirlwind of our real estate market in 2020, I seized the opportunity to implement my personal arsenal of techniques that helped me STAND OUT, grow my visibility, and stay competitive as an agent.

And guess what? I use those same strategies to empower my clients, helping them achieve remarkable success in their home-buying and selling journeys.

If you’re ready to start your own journey, contact me today and let’s unleash your competitive edge in this market! 


Carolina Beach

As a real estate agent who calls CB home, I’ve witnessed the remarkable growth of this area over the past five years. Winning and being competitive in CB is all about building connections within this tight-knit community. With my extensive network of contacts, including agents, lenders, inspectors, and contractors, I can tap into valuable resources to find the perfect property for my clients and connect them with trusted service providers.


Move-Up Buyers

Timing is crucial when it comes to buying and selling simultaneously. I’ll help you develop a strong strategy for a seamless transition. We’ll determine the value of your current home, explore financing options, and consider additional costs. With my expertise, we’ll navigate the complexities and ensure a smooth upgrade to your dream home.



Relocating to a new city can be both exhilarating and daunting. As someone who has personally made the move from Toledo, Ohio to the sunny shores of Wilmington, North Carolina, I understand the mix of emotions that come with planting roots in a new place. Let me assure you, it was the best decision my husband and I ever made, and I’m here to make sure your relocation experience becomes one of your best decisions too!


Short-Term Rentals

As an experienced real estate professional, multi-owner of a short-term rental investment portfolio, and co-owner of STR To Wealth Coaching, I specialize in helping individuals like you achieve generational wealth through real estate investing. I understand the unique opportunities and challenges that come with STR investments, and I’m here to share my expertise and insights