What’s My Home Worth?

Add your street address to see the estimated value of your home in today’s market.

How’s the numerical value of your home in today’s market calculated?

Your home details and similar home sale trends in your area are the main market data that helps to calculate the numerical value of your home.

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What can a home-value report provide?

If you’d like to view your home’s insights beyond the numerical value of your home, request a home-value report.

Your home report can share Equity Insights, Market Trends, Refinancing and Mortgage Information, estimates for your home as a Short-Term Rental (STR) as well as Financial Planning advice.

To do so, simply share your email address when requested (after viewing the numerical value) one additional time!

I’ll be notified of your request automatically, grant you access to a personalized dashboard for your home and you’ll receive a magic link via email from our AVM provider, Homebot.ai.

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How can I, as a real estate agent, provide a highly personalized home valuation for you? 

We say a home-value estimate is a great starting point for a home valuation because automated valuation models (AVMs) do not account for things like recent remodeling and home improvements.

If you’d like a personalized home valuation that includes my recommendations and the consideration of recent comparables in your area, contact me today!

We will set up a time for me to come out and preview your home, understand the updates you may have made and I’ll in turn deliver a personalized home valuation back to you!


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Request a consultation today and let’s find out the valuation of your home together. 

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