Embrace the Coastal Lifestyle with Coastal Realty

Have your dreamt about living at the beach? 

You are not alone! If you have always dreamt of living by the ocean, I am here to help you tell you that NOW is your time to embrace the coastal life here in Wilmington! As someone who took a chance and moved across the country to achieve that same dream, I truly could not imagine living anywhere else. Our beautiful coastal town of Wilmington offers picturesque and top-rated beaches, a vibrant arts scene, amazing cuisines, a rapidly growing downtown, and a sense of community like no other. Whether you are looking to wake up to the sound of the ocean each morning or end your evening with a glass of wine in your private backyard oasis, I am here to help you find your gem within our coastal community!

In-Depth Knowledge of the Relocation Process

As someone relocated to the coast from out of state, I understand the steps that must be taken to ensure a seamless transition to your new home in Wilmington. If you are selling your home to purchase something new, you can rest assured that I will handle all of the communication with your agent, your lender, and attorneys to make sure that your ideal timeline is met and no detail is missed. I also understand that for many of my clients, the process of traveling into town to see homes in person can be both time-consuming and expensive. You can rest assured that as your local resource for coastal realty, I can conduct virtual tours over Facetime and Zoom to give you an in-depth look at new listings and also send you photos and videos of the home and the neighborhood following the showing!

Identifying Coastal Amenities

While many of us move to the coast to be closer to the beach, there are also a lot of other amenities that Wilmington has to offer to help you fully embrace the coastal lifestyle! And, no two persons’ preferences are the same! Whether you are looking for access to specific beaches, marinas, boating facilities and memberships, waterfront dining, shopping, and entertainment, or proximity to state parks and trails – I can pinpoint the neighborhoods for coastal realty that offer the desired coastal lifestyle features that you are seeking.

Navigating Regulations and Considerations

While there are many perks to living by the coast, there are also important rules and regulations that need to be taken into consideration to ensure you are prioritizing the safety of your home and most importantly, you and your family. From understanding the local flood zone designations to seasonal weather patterns, to the specific required insurance policies, I will guide you through the process to ensure you understand what is required and connect you with resources who can help.

Finding the Perfect Coastal Realty

It is no secret that our amazing coastal town of Wilmington truly has it all! With a wide variety of communities here by the coast, each area has its own unique character and offerings to you as a prospective homeowner. As you begin the buying process, I will help you navigate these different communities and their specific advantages and disadvantages.

Whether you are looking for a property that makes you feel like you are on a never-ending vacation or a home that offers a more residential and suburban vibe, I am here to understand your needs and preferences to help you find your perfect spot. 

Expertise in Waterfront Properties

Let’s face it! If you are moving to the coast, then living close to the water is probably really important to you. And, you cannot get much closer than the waterfront! If you are seeking a waterfront home, I can assist in identifying properties by the ocean and the intercoastal waterway. Whether you are searching for the sound of the ocean when you wake up in the morning, an obstructed view of the sunset in the evening, or private dock access for a summer full of boating, I will be sure to guide you toward your ideal coastal haven!

Lifestyle Integration

As a local agent and homeowner, I understand that living in Wilmington is so much more than the home you buy; it is about the overall lifestyle that our coastal town can provide! As you begin your home search in the area, I will be sure to give you the inside scoop on all of the best restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. From the best water sports to try, to the local’s secret spots for fishing and surfing, I will make sure you have the knowledge and tips to fully immerse yourself in the coastal lifestyle! 

Embracing the coastal lifestyle and relocating to a new area can be an exciting and transformative experience. 

If you’re considering moving to our area and want to embrace the coastal lifestyle, contact me today to schedule a quick and nopressure consultation! 

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