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Hi, I’m Aly, a big fan of bringing people together and creating real connections in the community. Leveraging a solid local network and genuine commitment to helping my clients find their perfect homes, I strive to excel as a matchmaker introducing my clients to their perfect communities.

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Beyond The Listings and Paperwork

What sets me apart? It’s the blend of professional expertise and a genuine understanding of the human side of relocating. I get the importance of finding not just a property but a place where you truly belong.

So, let’s go beyond the listings and paperwork. Let’s grab a coffee, chat about your dreams and plans, and make this journey about more than just real estate.

Your go-to expert for New Construction in Wilmington

As an active member of Cape Fear’s Professional Women in Building Council and the Home Building Association, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

With a proven track record, I have successfully assisted clients in purchasing land and navigating through the process of building a home.

Experienced in new development hotspots like Echo Farms and RiverLights and up-and-coming areas in Leland, NC, I’ve got you covered.

With hands-on experience working with builders such as Pulte Homes, McKee Homes, Hagood Homes, Stevens Fine Homes, and New Leaf Builders, among other custom builders, I’m here to guide you to find the perfect home in Wilmington’s new construction developments.

If you are considering new construction and interested in today’s hotspots in Wilmington, reach out!

Alyssa Bleau Wilmington NC
Alyssa Wilmington NC

Supporting Newcomers

I specialize in welcoming newcomers to Wilmington because I’ve been in your shoes. Having moved multiple times, I understand the challenges that can trip you up when trying to settle into a new area.

The whole “finding your bearings” struggle? Yeah, I’ve been there. Navigating the local scene, understanding the neighborhoods, and making connections – can be overwhelming. But that’s where I come in. I’ve walked that path, and I’m here to make your relocation smoother.

Whether it’s sharing the neighborhood vibes, helping you find the perfect tribe, or being that friendly face in a new place, I’ve got your back. Let’s turn the relocation challenges into a breeze, and together, let’s make Wilmington feel like home right from the start.

If you are a newcomer to Wilmington or considering becoming one, reach out! 

Let’s Plug You In

If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s connecting with the community. As the co-host of the popular “What’s Up Wilmington” podcast, I’ve got my finger on the pulse of the town. But it doesn’t stop there – I’m involved in book clubs, moms groups, and various other fun groups and volunteer organizations around town. I host events and workshops to help you get connected! Be on the lookout for ways I can help you find your community.

Building connections isn’t just a part of my job; it’s a way of life. I believe it’s important to be plugged into your community, and I’m here to help you do just that. Whether you’re looking to dive into local events, explore volunteer opportunities, or just find your tribe, I’ve got the local insights and connections to make it happen. 

Let’s not just find you a home; let’s find you a community. Holler at me and let’s grab a coffee.


Listings Real Estate

My Listings

If you are interested in viewing a property or have questions about a listing, reach out to me!

5127 Long Pointe Road Wilmington NC 28409


Type of Home: Single-family

Neighborhood: Masonboro Village

Home Specs: 1,780 sq. ft | 3 bedroom | 2 bathroom

List Price: $410,000

1516 Bonito Lane Unit 1 Carolina Beach NC 28428 2

1516 Bonito Lane Unit 1 Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Type of Home: Townhome

Neighborhood: Bonito Lane

Home Specs: 2127 sq. ft | 4 bedroom | 4 bathroom

List Price: $885,000

If you are looking for a realtor who is deeply committed to building communities, connecting people, and finding your perfect home, I am the right match for you.

Contact me today to start your journey toward finding the ideal community that suits your lifestyle and aspirations.

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